Dustin Massingale, PMP, PSM, MBA

Dr Dustin is a project manager, web application architect, and certified DevOps Architect. His primary details are stored On LinkedIn

He is also author of One Week Bible, holds a Doctorate of Biblical Studies, and is a student of Biblical Greek.

One Week Bible

A devotional Bible Survey of the entire bible. It is divided into 7 days to be read in a week. Additional material is provided in appendixes and introductions that help guide further reading as well as history, apologetics, and frequently asked questions.

Blind Broadcaster Blog

Luther King is a blind sports broadcaster with a podcast filled with broadcaster interviews. Bleave Entertainment is handling most of his content. Click Here for Bleav

One Week Bible Daily

Sunday Day 1, In the Beginning

There was a big bang that started existence as we know it. The Bible explains who banged it, God. This does not conflict with any of our observations. In fact, even to the flood many historians and religions agree that this is likely what happened. Since we can't be there, at least we can read about it!