Dr Dustin Joel Massingale
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For God So Loved, Not Just Jews.

John 3:16 tells us that God (The God of Abraham) so loved the world that he gave his sons life as a sacrifice to make up for our sins. So, since the relationship went beyond just those who Jesus visited with or "God's Chosen people," what evidence shows that God was actually working with different poeple groups on different continents?

The Bible attests that it is truth, and Genesis is regarded as a major source of history. Genesis begins with explaining how everyone was created by God and that reproduction of human kind came through Adam and Eve. However, there were non-human beings that also reproduced with humans until the Flood came and destroyed all but a small group.

If the flood is true, then it becomes comman history for all humanity. What proof exists that all humanity come from the offspring of the flood survivors?

Here are the two questions to answer: did God involve other besides the Jews before Christ came and did all humanity come from survivors of the one flood?

How Did Non-Jewish Cultures Interact With God Before Jesus

More to come. What cultures are mentioned in the Bible as knowing God? What cultures have "God" spiritual leaders.

Did We Really Descend From the Flood Survivors?

More To Come: What cultures tell of the flood. Who did the different people groups (by continents) descend from?

One view is that the flood is a local event. Instead of a flood on the entire world, the flood was actually only the known world. This stance is popularly supported by observations of archeological digs around the site of Ur which provide evidence of a flood in the dead sea arising around the time of Noah. According to the book, History Through the Bible, at the Ur site, the flood clay separates the bronze age and potter's wheel from stone age and handmade pottery. The book also provides a multi-site dig observance that displays the flood zone to encompas the dead sea.

The Biblical flood of Noah however, is believed to have taken Noah to modern day Turkey, which is much further from the dead sea. These are therefore, two different events.